RAHL-Riverside Area Home Learners

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RAHL Park Days

Join us at Shamel Park every Tuesday at 10:30am in Riverside!

LOCATION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. For updates please check Yahoo RAHL Group for the designated location (You must be logged into Yahoo and a member of the RAHL group to view.) or PLEASE e-mail Jill at info@rahl.org to confirm locations.

At our park days, families usually begin arriving around 11:30 am (10:30am summer hours) and leave around 2:00 pm. Announcements are made around noon. Bring your lunch and a place to sit (chairs and/or a blanket) and join us for friendly support and lively conversation. For more information on our park day environment, please click here.

Understanding RAHL

In response to the questions, "What is RAHL all about? What can I expect to find at a RAHL park day?" RAHL members answer with the following insights:

RAHL is a general network of eclectic homeschooling families in the Riverside area. We use a wide spectrum of homeschooling methods, from pre-packaged curriculum to radical unschooling, and everything between. No rules, no dues, or hierachy. Our only "official" events are informal park days, during which we have announcements and socialize. - Marge

At any given park day you will find friendly faces, varied opinions, lots of support, tons of information and plenty of enthusiasm. Come to hear our stories and visit with a warm group of families who love to share their homeschooling experiences. - Leslie

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