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"I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book."
- Groucho Marx

Why not follow Groucho's advice and visit our library (available at most park days). Barbara, our librarian, is always open to your suggestions for new library additions, so if you've "read a good book lately" make sure to let her know.

Scholastic Books can be ordered through our Scholastic librarian, Linda, at linda@distinctivelyyours.com.

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If you have read an exceptional book lately let the other members of RAHL know all about it. Submit an e-mail to info@rahl.org with the title, author's name, age level and a one-line summary of the plot (optional). From picture books to sci-fi, adventure stories to non-fiction, all are welcome.

The Hank zipzer stories:
Day of the Iguana
Niagara Falls, or does it?
I got a "D" in Salami

by Henry Winkler and LIn Oliver

From the Chinaberry Catalogue:
In these often hilarious and sometimes touching, easy reading stories, young readers are introduced to a young man they may relate to. Hank Zipzer is funny, loyal, popular, warm-hearted, creative and talented. He's also a chronic underachiever, much to the bafflement of his parents an teachers. School has always posed a challenge for him, no matter how hard he tries, and his teachers have begun to notice that he may have "learning differences".

Having grown up with learning disabilities himself, Henry Winkler has crafted a truly remarkable hero in young Hank. With the help of his loving family and understanding friends, he addresses the frustrations and triumps of coping with his special circumstances. The results are always inspiring and even sometimes funny in a very real way. While there are no easy answers and lots of ups and downs, the journey is a rewarding one. Young readers may come away with a fresh perspective on their own educational talents and shortcomings. (8 - 12 years old)

From Leslie - Matthew and I really loved these stories and highly recommend them. They lent themselves to much discussion about "learning disabilities" as opposed to understanding each child has her/his own way of processing information.

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