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RAHL E-Communication

Riverside Area Home Learners offer an e-mail list to its members to be used as a forum for announcements and discussion.

The RAHL List centers on homeschooling but can also include discussions on a wide variety of topics, some of which can be controversial. If you are interested in joining a list that is "strictly homeschooling" consider the Homeschool Association of California (HSC) list. You can access it via http://www.hsc.org (locate the blue box on the left which says "You're Invited"). Other e-mail discussion lists that focus on homeschooling are:






When writing to the list, remembering the audience is absolutely essential.

We all have issues we feel very strongly about as well as our own "hot buttons". If the discussion becomes heated, try to avoid "flaming" (attacking in a personal way with intent to incite, degrade or make fun of a person or their ideas) others as this cannot lead to any sort of positive outcome. Please remember that everyone on the list is a real person. Flaming of List moms, either on or off list for their actions on the list, is not permitted.

Though we all have homeschooling in common, we hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and sometimes personalities clash. What do you do if someone posts a message you find annoying? Choose one of these three options:

Do nothing. This will usually produce the best outcome as it allows the annoying element to dissipate. Pointing out annoyances, especially on-list, often causes a flare up and does nothing to improve behavior or increase understanding. Your delete key is there for a reason and meant to be used.
Respond off-list, after you have used the "draft and cool down' approach.
Formally complain to the List mom (OFF-LIST) and include the necessary information: the name and/or e-mail address of the offending poster and the specific content you find offensive. Don't expect the List mom to accept a vague complaint.

List Etiquette

Replying - When you would like to reply to a post and have it go back to the entire list, cut and paste only the appropriate part(s) that you are replying to (do not include the entire original post in your reply). If your reply pertains only to the author, please reply to him/her individually to their e-mail address on the original message.

Subject Lines - Be as specific as possible in your subject line. If your post has nothing to do with RAHL, homeschooling or Riverside area happenings please put "OT" for Off Topic before the title. To indicate a change or addition to a subject, type the change into the subject line as follows: "Field Trip Ideas (was: Teaching Science).

Forwarding - It is generally acceptable to forward informational messages, such as events and links to Web sites, but ask the original poster's permission first (off list) before forwarding an anecdote or a personal message posted by another list mate, or before posting more than a brief quote from an article or Web site. Remember to cut and paste your forwarded text; this only takes a few moments and saves everyone else time and space. It also helps to keep everyone's e-mail address from being forwarded all over cyberspace.

Urban Legends - Please, please before forwarding a story about a $25,000 cookie recipe or some poor dying child who needs a transplant and has to have your e-mail to do it: first check http://www.snopes.com to see if it is true (which most likely it is not).

First Timers - Kindly give "newbies" a break and offer suggestions and information (preferably off-list) if they make a mistake. Remember, we were all new to the Internet or to discussion groups at one time.

Courtesy - Do not curse, use profanity or vulgarity, post rude or accusatory remarks ("flame"), use ALL CAPS (in e-mails this signifies "yelling"), proselytize (try to convert others to your religious, atheistic or political beliefs), or post messages with content generally deemed offensive (such as graphic descriptions of sexual or violent acts, or bodily functions). List Moms reserve the right to unsubscribe repeat offenders.

Before Hitting the Send Button - Double check the address written after "To:" and verify your post is being sent to the proper person or list. Make sure your subject line is a reliable indicator of the message's content. Take a moment to pause, reflect on your state of mind, and reread your post. Be aware of how much your words can hurt or uplift another individual and strive towards the uplifting.

Eternity - Remember that the list is archived and all your messages will be available for others to examine for as long as this list exists. Think about how you want to be viewed in the long run.

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